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Frequently Asked Questions







How do I schedule Sign Language interpreting?
There are a few ways to schedule DHI interpreters for your meeting, appointment, or event: ​
  • Visit the Services page, listed on the menu bar above, click on Schedule Interpreting Services, fill out the form, and generate an email with the send button.

  • Send an email to

  • Call 215-771-6061.



How long before an appointment should I reqeust interpreting services?

The more notice you can give, the better. Many appointments and events are scheduled a year in advance. Two weeks notice is usually adequate. Regular rates apply to requests made with two-full-business days' notice (By 5pm on a Friday for a Wednesday assignment, by 5pm Wednesday for a Monday assignment). Less notice brings higher rates but we do our best to match an interpreter or team for every request. Same day and last-minute requests are filled over 90% of the time. 



Who is responsible for the cost of the interpreting? 

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires that entities providing services to the public provide an accomodation to those with disabilities in order to ensure equal access. More information can be found here:






May I request a specific interpreter or specific interpreting team?


DHI makes every effort to provide preferred interpreters to consumers and clients. Once an interpreter works an assignment, we try to arrange for the same interpreter to return for follow up visits. This builds trust and confidence with the interpreter as a vital part of the team. If your Deaf member/consumer has a preference of interpreter, please let us know.






Does DHI provide CART services? 


Yes, DHI does provide CART services, both remotely using your own equipment or with an on-site captioner who brings their own equipment. Please call for more information and rates.

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